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  • How much do hair extensions intially cost?
    This is a very broad answer, so this is a small breakdown of estimated costs: Consultation: Free Hair: Varies by type and amount click this for a link to JZ for exact pricing and colors Installation: $50 per row The amount of hair needed is dependent upon the desire of the client and the client's type of hair. Most clients install 2-4 rows.
  • Are the hair extensions real hair?
    Yes!! After researching and testing different types of hair extensions, I found JZ Styles Hair to be the best product for my clients. It is hand-crafted, high quality hair that does not contain any synthetic fibers, with only 100% human remy hair.
  • Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?
    NO! I install extensions using a beaded weft method that does not damage your natural hair. Maintaining healthy hair is very important. With that being said, there are different types of hair extensions that potentially can damage your hair, and/or installation types. However, the beaded weft method allows for anchor points that properly disperse the weight of the hair extensions without the need for any messy chemical exposure and less impact on your natural hair.
  • Are they comfortable?
    With anything semi-permanent there is an adjustment period. In my experience and from speaking with other clients, generally your head is tender and there is a sensation of tightness for about a week. This gradually loosens up within a week and begins to feel totally normal.
  • How long does the hair last?
    With proper care, the hair can last about 8 months, and in some cases up to a year.
  • Can I color my hair extensions?
    Yes. You can add color to the hair extensions, but you cannot highlight/lighten them.
  • What does it cost to "move up" my hair extensions?"
    Your hair extensions are attached to your natural hair, so as your hair grows, the extensions will need to be moved up and reinstalled closer to the scalp. The move up costs $50 per row and the length of time between move ups varies by how fast your natural hair grows. Typical clients get their hair moved up approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • With working out and an active lifestyle, how do I manage my hair extensions?"
    Clients typically wash their hair 1-2 times per week. I recommend using a dry shampoo and always use sulfate-free shampoo. Your hair extensions can be styled, heat-activated, and worn in any way that you would otherwise do with your normal hair.
  • With thin and fine hair, will these hair extensions be right for me?"
    Yes! There is a method for all types of hair, including those with thin hair. In fact, the extra volume that hair extensions can provide is a huge benefit for those clients with this type of hair. Due to the way that the beaded weft extension is installed, your natural hair will remain healthy and growing as your extensions provide extra body and dimension.
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