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Tangled Hair Game Changer!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Ever tried brushing your own hair, or even worse your kid's hair, when it is so snarled that you can't even begin to get a brush through it without taking some form of pain medication? Or worse yet, your kids tangled hair? It can be a total nightmare to try to get a child to sit still while brushing their hair, and the incessant screaming/crying and the “no stop it hurts!”. Thankfully, the Wet Brush company has come to the rescue. .

America's #1 Detangler available with your favorite Disney Princess!

Just do a Google search for a brush to detangle hair and you will find all kinds of amazing claims. After years of using different brushes with mixed resuts, I finally decided to try a Wet Brush. The brush is inexpensive, so why not give a try, right?

At initial glance, there is visually nothing that sets this brush apart, but there are some subtle things that make it a life saver for tangled hair. First, the Wet Brush has Intelliflex Bristles. The bristles are firm, yet soft, and covered with their other invention called SofTips. As a result, the bristles are firm enough to pull through the tangles, yet soft enough to not to get caught and rip through the hair. In addition and probably the game changer, the Wet Brush has boar bristles which not only help to detangle hair, but also make your hair healthier.

How is that, you may ask? The boar bristles help naturally distribute the oils from our scalp down to the ends of our hair where the oils are needed. No other types of bristles do this, at least not well or without hair damage. After regularly using the Wet Brush, you can literally cut down on shampooing and conditioning because your hair will not get greasy as quickly. In addition, this brush will help stimulate your scalp, which in turn can help stimulate hair growth. Who isn’t excited about their hair growing longer or helping thinning hair grow back?

Boar bristles promote healthier hair and scalp

With all that being said, one of the disadvantages of the Wet Brush is that it can be tough to clean. Not a big deal, just grab a rat tail comb and use the end to pull the hair out of the brush. With all of the bristles, it can be tough to get in between and get everything out. Being hard to clean isn’t a big deal for personal use, but as a salon professional, it can be an annoyance. Also, the Wet Brush will not last you a lifetime, as the brushes begin to lose effectiveness after extended use, but at the same time, the Wet Brush is relatively inexpensive.

I have to say that the Wet Brush brand has been a lifesaver for me in my everyday life as well as my professional life. I have saved myself hours by cutting down brushing time for my hair, my client’s hair, and even the kiddos hair. In fact, I don’t know how I lived without it before.

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